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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
It would be nice to be able to do things that the companion app provides like casting and software installation with a Windows device. A mobile phone screen is not great for allowing more than one person to view gameplay, and many of us have a Surface or other Windows tablet/laptop devices that would serve the purpose much better. It would also be nice to be able to shop/install/view device info from the Windows app like you can do with the Rift.
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Level 2
I desperately want this feature. My family uses the headset in a room with a PC hooked to a large screen and we often use the casting feature to provide assistance if someone gets stuck (VR apparently appeals to a lot of people that traditional video gaming does not, so this is pretty common even when adults are using the headset.) Casting to the PC would be much better than casting to the phone (or a tablet, since the app doesn't even really support the larger screen size and just runs in phone emulation mode.) Also, it would make Beatsaber into a party game. Right now you see someone playing and they just look goofy. If you could see what they were doing on a large screen, it'd make VR with one headset more of a social activity, and that could move a lot of units. Like people taking turns on Wii Sports. Also, definitely put the functionality into the Oculus app for Windows. All of us are going to be using it with Quest with the newly announced tethered support anyway. Not all of us are interested in installing, say, Chrome or buying Chromecast (or Google anything.)