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Level 3
Status: Started
I'd like the ability to customize the home environment in Quest, personalizing it to my tastes. Best case scenario, I'd like to see the same home functionality seen on Rift, possibly with cross compatibility. If that's not technically possible though, then perhaps a less complex environment, or perhaps predefined 'skins' developed by the UX team.
Level 2
Looking at this comment section, it seems like people really want a Rift Core 2.0 Home-like experience as their home screen. I also think that would be cool: more customization, more freedom, more functionality and sociality in our home environment! And I agree totally. If somebody could optimize the existing Rift Core 2.0 Home for the Quest 2, that would be the ultimate achievement.
Level 2
There should be a home workshop so people can create cool stuff
Level 4
Would love to be able to interact with objects, maybe play some simple indoor games in the home environment. Even invite a friend to your space.
Level 2
You guys need to make a home screen/virtual environment that allows players to interact with it like mini games read books watch tv move around the home screen invite players into it so you guys can just chill this would be so much more immersive for the players
Level 2
Why has this not been updated since Feb? Being unable to move or interact with the home environment makes it pointless. Might as well just have a home screen with icons per Android.
Level 3
would also like to customize my "home"
Level 2
I'd really like to see the Rift 2.0 home abilities in Quest 2. It made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Teleportation and total customization/interaction.

we need to sue this company for breech of consumer contract. Discontinuing a hardware that supports the software we invested in... if you had a rift S you CANNOT USE A QUEST OR QUEST 2 TO PLAY YOUR TITLES. SO WHEN YOUR CABLE DIES LIKE MINE DID YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET ANYTHING OUT OF YOUR OCULUS ACCOUNTS.