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I just bought myself 4 oculus quest devices, figuring it will be fun for friends and family when coming over in the holidays and new years. On the package it only said it required a facebook account. Okay, I have a facebook account I thought to myself. But now Im stuck with 2 almost useless devices sinceapp sharing only works on one device at a time. And I cant make myself 3 new facebook profiles to even buy the games 4 times without breaking the rules and get banned. I assume that happens fast when 4 accounts have the same visacard... What is the trick here?! I PLEASE help! I have benwith Oculus support the whole day and even they cant help. Only sending me here to make this post. They only say: well your friends must buy their own vr headset and games for you to enjoy vr as you want to do".... I am really frustrated here. So I am not ALLOWED to take the cost myself and setup 4 headsets for us to enjoy in mulitplayer? !!- Please allow sharing on multiple devices !! -At least now in the winter, that way more people can try it and learn to love it as I do!
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I agree. Extremely disappointed that we purchased 2 headsets and cannot play as a family. Would definately return them if we could. 

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You can easily share apps between 2 devices like you can with any other games console but you can't share with a 3rd or more.

Buy all games on 1 account, setup both headsets with the same account are the primary user then add a secondary account to the 2nd headset.

You then have fun access to all games on both headsets. Me and my partner play Arizona sunshine and Cook out in the same server using this method without issue, you just have to make sure your using a different account to play the game on the second headset

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Agree 100%. This should be a priority for oculus. It is incredibly unethical for oculus to restrict app sharing in the first place. I have the same problem. Just spent a couple thousand dollars for a gaining system our family can't use together without buying the games multiple times because of this ridiculous restriction.


I also spent time with their "service agents" and the only solution they gave me was to "just let your kids use your account". Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having individual accounts? 


Seems to me that oculus isn't in any rush to fix this "problem" because it makes them money. 


Wishing I had gone with the PS5 product. At least they have family sharing and parental controls! 

Its better if you can also add an ADD-on sharing on the settings. btw i own 3 oculus i can app share but not add-on on my beat saber. 


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It is false advertising on the part of  Oculus!


Oculus should clearly state:

NOTE: You can only share apps with 2 headsets per family! 


You should also change your marketing tags for META:  The metaverse will be social (but for only 2 of your household members at a time!)




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The fact that I have 4 Oculus quest 2s and cannot play with my kids without nothing but headaches is complete BS!!!!

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I also own 3 quest2 and I’m really unhappy with the  fact, that it isn’t possible to use them together with my family.

formally I understood, that 3 secondary accounts should be possible. That’s annoying.

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I also bought 4 quests for my kids, wife and myself.  It's very disappointing that I would need to buy multiple copies of any game we want to play multiplayer.  I understand you don't want non-family members sharing games but you guys are a pretty smart when you want to be. I'm sure you could come up with a way to prevent it.  Maybe app sharing is allowed on up to 4 devices only if they are on the same network? The idea of paying for multiple copies of the same game is absurd and in the end has the opposite effect. I just don't buy any multiplayer games and because of that we barely play the quest.  Imagine if the Wii did this.  Hey Grandma, before we play some tennis, I need your credit card so we can buy another copy of the game.  It's simple guys, make it easy for families to play together and the money will come.

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Talk about a money maker! This is ridiculous! We bought two devices. One for me and one for my husband and we cannot even share apps for multiplayer! Why should a family be punished in the same household by having to pay for things twice? Many of these apps aren’t cheap either! Fix it or returning them! 

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@TheDawnMooney try reading some of the comments, app sharing is very possible between 2 headsets