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So... 128GB proves to be rather inadequate for storing a bunch of games and also lots of cached videos. I've run out and been forced to delete stuff after what I feel is barely any content... This is of course because VR video files especially, are much larger than regular files.


I think a clean new interface is needed that enables support for both external drives connected via USB-C, and network drives. So you can readily load / off load apps as well as media from the Quest.


Like, I may be able to offload apps using SideQuest so I don't need to re-download them, but that's just awkwardness.




I should also point out that I'm currently outside the US and the internet is less amazing than one would like... Similar problems to what the Facebook app itself experiences internationally, I'm sure.


If we think of international penetration, you should also build software with an assumption that internet access could be rather meh, and that you shouldn't assume that people can download tens of GB too casually.


Like, especially on 4G when downloading large files can get awkward.




Let's make Oculus as futuristic and smooth as possible... 🙂

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We love all of your ideas! We also want Oculus to run smoothly and pioneer the VR world. We would love for you to put your ideas in our dedicated thread for it so we can keep track of community interest!