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Level 3
Status: Completed
Fix the 'Crash to Home' bug- Any app (all app) screen turn black, Guardian wall appear and app crash to home. Fix?
Level 2
Started happening to me 2 weeks from purchase. Contacted oculus through a ticket, was told to factory reset it, did that still kept crashing then they told me to talk to someone from amazon since thats where i bought it, i ended up returning my quest. Will buy again when they fix this mess.
Level 2
To the guy that said he return his Quest bc of this - I never had this problem from may 21st (launch) until august when they patch the big one... NEVER HAD this issue until the patch. IT's not my Quest I am certain. Also - before you say it - FACTORY RESET DO NOT fix this issue! I repeat DO NOT FIX IT. Also, I tried turning OFF Guardian (dev mode) same problem.
Level 3
This start happening on last big firmware update (8.0) Factory reset it already, I have talked to probably 30 people in various games that has this. Is Oculus not even admitting this is a bug!?!?
Level 2
Purchased 23rd of July. I too am having an issue with the black screen, has been happening more frequently over the last couple of weeks and very disconcerting when you are in the middle of a game of beat saber! Also noticed my guardian is off center as well. Even re-centering the screen you need to move almost to the edge of the guardian to be central when playing beat saber. I did redraw the guardian and that didn't seem to help. Will be happy to redo the guardian, but can see by other comments that a factory reset is not going to solve the black screen issue. Would appreciate a genuine effort to solve this problem. Other than this I have to say that I am really loving the Quest.
Level 2
This is happening to me right now, i cant acess the libary, friends or the store.
Level 2
I am also extremely sick of this bug / issue. It constantly breaks imerssion and or just screws up the game or activity, sometimes beyond repair. 2-8 times an hour of this bs, sometimes more. Gimie a break its even done it once while trying to post this in the web browser ugh!
Level 2
Level 2
Level 2
This happens constantly regardless of the open app
Level 2
This happens to me every now and then as well