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Level 4
Status: New Idea

Hi! I know all the avatars are supposed to be gender neutral, but after wrongly selecting a face-type i'm only presented with woman clothes, such as some sort of bikini outfit and classic female-oriented clothing.

I'm all in favor of breaking gender roles and using whatever's more confortable for anyone, but just for the sake of simplicity wouldn't it be easier if i can choose what gender i want for my own avatar?


if that's not possible (for whatever reason), maybe a simple RESET AVATAR button to start from scratch? I want to show Workspaces in my work environment to do a test run and get my bosses to adapt to VR, but it's going to be pretty hard doing that looking nothing like my assiged (and preferred) gender.


Please help me fix this, i really want to convince my work of buying 10's of this headsets

Level 3

These are my thoughts exactly

Level 2

Son has same issue

Level 4

Have the same problem. Only see woman's clothing and it's annoying. Not sure what you mean by gender neutral. Every game I've ever played has had the ability to select both male and female avatars. Why is this so difficult for Oculus to get right? It's very simple, add more masculine and feminine body types to choose from and allow you to change them after creating.

Level 2

It is idiotic that you cannot select male or female body type when creating an avatar. Is this only designed for "gender fluid" people or something? Why exclude the vast majority who are not? Please change this.

Level 4

I don't know or care what "gender fluid" is, I only know that there should be distinguishable male and female body types.

Level 3

@Yobiwan29 i am going to have to disagree that Oculus/Meta is pushing some "woke" nonsense on us with these avatars. if they were, they would let us easily express our chosen gender identities. i was born a male and i choose to identify as a MAN, but my avatar looks THEY decided i was a woman. and now my avatar has a "closet" full of nothing but women's clothes. how very non-woke. even the PC babies would be bawling at this crap. 


I was told the avatars were to be more CUSTOMIZABLE STARTING with a QUINTILLION COMBINATIONS of options available back in April 2021 but none of those have anything with being able to choose my own clothing? Super asleep and very Non PC (mac? 😂

None of these avatars come remotely close to representing how I stand and walk as a male

All the avatars look female. Why? How can we make it look like we want, I'm male and do not want a female avatar. I thought I was doing something wrong until I googled it and found hundreds and hundreds of the same complaints, from people of both genders. Please fix this!

Level 6

It's a political choice. Meta is an active instigator of the woke movement...

Level 5

I have read the comments and I agree that we need to have a male and female and a gender neutral selection option. but I know that the reason there isn't and it taking a PHD to figure out what is masculine or feminine is because meta is afraid of the cancel culture coming in and boycotting for not bending to non gender specifics, it comes down to the fact they are damned either way they go, if they tailor to our wanting a gender choice menu, they get fussed at and boy cotted, just the same as we are upset that they dont have the menu, big difference is (and this is where i compliment most of you commenting) is those of us wanting the menu option are adult enough that though we voice our opinions we arent acting spoiled and boycotting, so props to you all for adultly voicing your opinions, I agree with there needing to be an easier way to select what fits some of us, as well as I think we need more customization choices too cause I honestly like NONE of the clothing choices be it masculine or feminine! my avatar looks NOTHING like me cause well there is no hair, face or clothes options to allow it! would be cool if they had an option like where we can upload a picture of us and it as close as it can creates an avatar that almost looks like us.