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Hi, I'm writing on behalf of the developer (with his permission) for Warriors of Titus (WoT) on the app lab. I'm not a developer of the game, but I am an avid regular player and have helped the developer directly with testing and feature suggestions. I'm writing today to appeal to the facebook/oculus/quest to consider Warriors of Titus for the store front, as I believe it is a overlooked gem that could both be "the next big competitive" game on VR and potentially draw new users onto your platform. You're sitting on what could be the next big game and you don't even realize it. Warriors of Titus is a VR Moba, in the vein of DOTA and League of Legends, but in VR and with FPS mechanics. Each team of unique warriors battles alongside an army of minions to destroy enemy towers and ultimately the enemy base. The key that makes this game so great is the massive amount of replayability available with an extensive list of characters and maps that all have unique play elements. Some characters have truly unique VR mechanics I haven't seen in other games, and those mechanics are legitimately fun to play (not gimmicky or only engaging for a second) The core game play itself is EXTREMELY addictive, rewarding players who are accurate with shooting critical points and bonuses. There is a tiny learning curve at the start, but anyone who has played a MOBA before will immediately "get it". And while the mechanics are fairly easy to learn, it greatly rewards players who take the time to master it. There is a legitimate scale of skill involved that encourages players to improve. There are also custom skins to unlock to encourage players to try all the heroes. The game scales very well starting off against easy bots, working your way up to challenging nightmare bots or play against teams of other players. I can't stress enough how good the core gameplay feels. In the same way that minecraft didn't need to be fancy because it had addicting gameplay elements, this game definitely has it when players give it a chance. This game has all the pieces necessary to be the next DOTA/League of legends. It has one Achilles heal though. Visibility. The truth of the matter is that the dev is very talented, but is not as skilled in marketing his game. As a result not a lot of people have even heard of the game. Honestly if more knew that you could play a MOBA in VR for free on a quest, we'd see a much larger pickup. While the game is on app lab for free, unless someone explicitly types in warriors of titus (which no one will just accidentally type in), they'll never find it. And since not many people know about it and the dev hasn't marketed it heavily, there aren't many reviews out there for people to even know to search for it. Games like Pavlov for example, already had a following on PC VR so people were naturally looking it up on the app lab. While WoT is awesome as a single player game against bots and provides ample amount of challenge and replayability, it really shines when playing against other people. The game just needs a little momentum at first to get that player base so that it encourages others to try it. Having played with lobbies full of players I can tell you it has been some of the most exciting and edge of my seat gameplay that I've ever experienced in any online VR game (including pavlov). The game has PC vr and oculus quest versions. The PC VR versions (on steam and the oculus store) both have higher fidelity graphics. There is are free versions of the PC VR version that lock out a few heroes and disables achievement tracking. The paid versions have those features enabled. The quest version however is fully featured and completely free, albeit with lesser fidelity graphics than the PC VR versions. Crossplay is enabled so quest and all PC VR users can play together with no issues. Unlike some other games on the quest store that have serious issues with crossplay between platforms (say something like star trek bridge crew). The idea was that the free version would draw people in, and the paid version would make profits. The problem is people don't realize the free versions exist. The dev has put a ton of work into this game over the past year and it's really at a very good polished state with a ton of features. It looks like a completely different game then where things were a year ago. The movement options and HUD are completely customizable to suit any player's preferred form of movement. As well it supports advanced features like 120 hz support on quest, and full voice support between quest and PC VR. I can understand the notion of curating apps for your store front that aren't loads of garbage that will dilute the brand, but this game definitely isn't one of them and really deserves more visibility. In that regard I hunbly ask that it be considered for the full oculus store front, or at the very least a concrete plan for the steps that would need to be taken for it to make it to the store front. As a general observation, the oculus store would be much more useful if it provided better visibility to apps and games on applab without you having to type in the exact name. As a user, it's extremely frustrating to not be able to easily find the content I want. thank you for taking the time to read this, and I truly hope you'll take it under serious consideration, because it would be a shame for this great game to dissolve due to lack of visibility.