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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Will be helpful for organization and casting a headset when you have multiple but don’t know the codes by heart. I’ve provided an image for what it can look like with the rename ability.
Level 2
I'm so sick of trying to guess which headset I'm trying to load a game on to and literally always being wrong.
Level 2
Ditto. It's a pain trying to figure out which device is which. We have 5. We've labeled them but that has no value when trying to cast or load a game on to an individual unit if more than 1 is on. This should be a priority project to allow an alias name even if it only visible locally on on the connected smartphone. Looks like this request has been around for a while. It would be helpful to know that someone has read this important improvement and 'might' be considered.
Level 4
This should have been an option from the start.
Level 2
Such a basic feature that Oculus either didn't think would be a thing or they just didn't want users renaming headsets, it's not difficult to implement this on an Android device which, is what the quest 2 essentially is Oculus, can you please stop dragging your knuckles & make it happen
Level 2
Need this asap!
Level 2
That's definitely a must !
Level 2
I have 24 headsets for a school . . . this would be a life-saver and seems like an oversight.
Level 2
After getting my second Quest 2 setup, I was flabbergasted that this isn't a thing! They both just show up as "Quest 2" with a serial number. They aren't even in order of when I activated them, so I actually have no way to tell which is which. Please give us an alias function. If not in the headset, then at least in the app.
Level 3
Yes please this is really needed! We have severals Quest 2 in the household. With the latest app-update even the serial numbers have been removed (why?!) giving no indication on which headset is which. Please introduce simple naming so we can keep them apart and know which headset to cast where.
Level 2
This should have been available at the start, as you buy one for each family member, so how can you tell which is which.