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Status: New Idea

I have always though the VR headset would be a great way for many that are no longer able to, due to age/physical condition or illness, experience some of the wonderful things from around the world. One of the problems is ability to navigate the menus. I know you can set someone onto an experience, take the headset off and it autoplay when you put it back on them or alternatively try and mirror it to a screen and talk them through navigating it. I would love to see Facebook develop the facility to drop in to another headset in future VR models or link the two together. These would be great to take into old peoples homes or palliative care but I think the technology step is a bit too far without this assistance. You would be constantly taking the headset on and off. I'd imagine this would be useful for parents to support younger children having a go too if you were a gaming family with multiple headsets.