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Status: New Idea

I appreciate Oculus Quest 2 for it standalone capabilities but its not very good for PC users. It is very CPU demanding for coding and encoding video signal. Additionally this is battery powered unit with no possibilities to change the battery when it finally goes low or flat. Then whole unit is basically useless if you using Oculus link. Cable connecting to the PC for simulators (which I am pretty sure is a majority of PC use) is good enough. I recently got Reverb G2 for testing and CPU using went down from 3/4 Oculus Quest 2 to 1/4 with Reverb. I could keep it but tracking is terrible and if you want to race in VR then you need this future reliable and precise. If we only got headset like Rift S but with better resolution, even like quest 2 that would be great. I could have 2 headsets one for standalone purpose and other for my seating racing simulations. I think market is open for it and not only mobile devices are needed. I would really like device like it. I am waiting for it.


Another thing is guardian walls - I would like to have an option to switch it completely off like it was in Rift S  - when I am seating in place and racing for example or flying I don't need this guardian walls. They sometime appearing on its own even if I am not outside of the area. should be possibility to switch this off.


And sometimes device loosing tracking - then oculus going black with a message tracking lost - then in a sec or 2 it coming back - I think I don't need to say how bad this is when you racing - especially online with other people.