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Status: New Idea

I just confirmed with Oculus support staff: 1) there's no way to connect to the oculus app on the phone with a headset device using a secondary account - not even to just allow casting to the phone for viewing - only the primary account has that privilege for casting so others can see.  The official words were: "As per checked, only the admin account  (primary account) would be able to cast with the Quest 2 headset."

2) There is no way to update the time on the device without factory reset. The official words were: "After checking with my sources, I have found that the device uses the time (or time zone) from your phone when you first set it up. The only way to change it is with a factory reset." Please fix these simple issues. 


Regarding the ability to cast and connect additional oculus phone applications for casting to phone with a headset: That is extremely disappointing. I'm sure parents with teenagers or others who would be using this would also be very disappointed to not be able to show others what they are seeing.

I strongly suggest Oculus rethink this privilege. Everyone should be able to see what someone is seeing if desired. This privilege should be extended to everyone and not just limited to the admin account! It is ridiculous to not have that ability for everyone to see what others want to share when using the device.


Also - it should be easier to change and update the time, region, location on the device. Why do you have to do a factory reset to fix the time (or try to fix the time?) The Oculus support chat also confirmed this is not possible. Why?


Why not have the ability to make corrections to basic information and why not improve connectability? Make things easier. Learn the basic operability functions from smartphones. People expect it to work similarly. Making it this difficult is only a detractor from these products and very disappointing and frustrating.


There's no reason for it to be this difficult. Please fix it and make it more user friendly. Thank you.


Also - consider adding additional widgets like computers and smartphones have. For example, it would be cool within the home screen to add widgets for clocks to show world clocks, local weather, etc.