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Status: New Idea

Where users can create separate Oculus accounts, it would be better if that happened more naturally where the Oculus knew that someone else was using it and offered relevant information or intros as relevant...

I think the Oculus Quest 2 at least, should be treated as a family device until we reach the point of everyone having a VR Device of their own - so that experience needs to be a lot smoother. Especially in the beginning when people get a new device.

You should also assume some older and less tech savvy users using the device. Having kids explaining it to their parents or grandparents is ultimately awkward.




Also, some of the features like hand tracking should be on by default. But if not, then users should be made aware of them automatically. You shouldn't have to find out about them on YouTube.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Ioulaum,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ease of use for new users on shared devices. We're always striving to improve, and ideas like yours are what takes us to the next level. As for now, the easiest way to access tutorials and demos is by selecting your library (nine dot button) and then filtering your apps in the top right corner. You can select "tutorials" and then hand off your Quest 2 to the new user, and they will know which apps to select to learn their way Quest 2.



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I agree that you can achieve those results now - sorta.


But since Meta is aiming for mass market adoption, these little points of friction for new users and exchanging headsets between people need to be smoothed out and made more context aware.


Like, the headset may be able to tell that this is likely a different person based on the estimated height of the user, and the position of the controllers once they are held.


So, on a simple level, you could offer an onboarding prompt... And preferably not in the form of a formal tutorial.

People need to know the absolute minimum that will let them get on with what they want to experience at the time.


And for things like hand tracking... The second I put down a controller, that hand should be available via tracking... Because that would make it more natural to shift between the states.

Like I said... Smoothing out those little areas that cause friction.