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Status: New Idea

     I was walking by the TV and the new Meta commercial about the metaverse reminded me of a project I worked on in 2014. I was on a First Lego League team and we had to answer the question "How Could We Improve The Way That Someone Learns Classroom Knowledge With ADD and ADHD?" Our solution in 2014 was "VRL (Virtual Reality Learning) is an innovation based on virtual reality gaming and the EON system, such as the Oculus Rift and Omni Virtuix. We thought of this after talking about arcade games in which you put a helmet on and race airplanes, so we rolled with it. We found the EON and decided to improve upon it, making it cheaper, and easier to use". So we theorized a game based off of another game called Star Wars: The Old Republic. SWTOR is an MMO game and that's all I know about it. But the idea was to have a toolkit where teachers could make a lesson that would send their students back in time where they could actually interact with what they were learning about. 


  We were ambitious with our ideas and said that it could run off a raspberry pi (in 2014 😂)  but the base idea was awesome. It would be pricey but doing some quick math I think meta could sell 25 seat classroom kits for ~$10,000. Not many school would be able to afford it and it would create a larger education divide but it would be so cool to be able to teach students that way.


     If anyone at meta wants to see the presentation a group of kids made back in 2014 let me know! I don't know if its helpful or fun for developers to see stuff like that. Obviously tech has come a long way and without any prototypes we I cant actually help out but we have some old resources that may help.