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Having region-locked games is frustrating for those of us not in the US/Canada. Supernatural is one example, but improving accessibility more generally is really important, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much effort being made at the moment. What’s the timeline on releasing Supernatural specifically?

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Another frustrated user here.. it can’t be so complicated to make these apps available everywhere?

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The problem with apps like Supernatural is the music rights. It would cost them a ton to pay for music rights in every country. However, I found a solution to the problem, as I live in DR half the year and I use SN. After much research I ended up buying a portable VPN router for $20 bucks on Amazon. Mango by GL Inet. I set it up with my Surfshark VPN subscription and problem solved. Now I can play SN anywhere. God a great deal on the Surfshark subscription as well. After paying for just one month, since I didn't know if it would work, theys sent me an offer of $32 for an additional 12 months. The router is super easy to set up if you speak computer languar "WAN, LAN, REPEATER, THETHERING ETC" lol. It should take 10 minutes. But if you're like me, who didn't know what any of that meant, it will take you longer. I looked up a video on Youtube on how to set up a Mango router, and also watched the videos on the router set up page on how to add your VPN service to the router and got it done. It's super easy, you just plug the router to a power source (I used my power bank), the router will then appear on your Wi-Fi list, you click on it and follow the instructions on the pamphlet, or in my case, the YouTube video lol. Once everything is set up, you put your gear on, click on the Wi-Fi connection, choose your routers Wi-Fi name, put the password in (it comes with a default password but you can change it during set up), and you are good to go! Not only can you play SN, but you can take that little router (fits in the palm of your hand) anywhere they have free Wi-Fi, and use it to protect your information while using such Wi-Fi. Best $20 I've ever spent. 

Level 2

Hi sharyg1

I'm glad you found a way to use SN outside the US..

How can I do the same.i sent my family in Africa , kenya one and i.need to help them set up..