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Level 3
Status: Completed
One of the problems with VR is people in the room with me can basically only view what I'm doing on facebook. Thats great but my room mates are not on my facebook and are probably not going to watch my facebook stream. If I could stream it to my TV though they could watch what I'm doing and get involved as I'm playing it. My friends and anyone who happens to walk in and see me playing should have an immediately clear idea of what this amazing experience that I'm having is and how to do it.
Level 3
I think this is a good idea but not the one I exactly had. This forces a person to buy Chromecast. Why should we have to spend more money on a device to solve a "standalone" devices problem? Maybe I'm missing the technicality aspects of why it works via the Chromecast way. I would think that a smartTV on the same wi-fi would be able to connect via the Oculus headset app, without a 3rd part device? If not, can you make it this way without Chromecast? ALSO, AND VERY IMPORTANT...WHEN WILL CASTING TO IMAC EVEN BE AN OPTION???? iMAC/iPAD USERS ARE IMPORTANT USERS TOO! THANKS FOR LISTENING!
Level 2

@Lord_Tuttle You can cast to an iMac if you go to, I could be wrong because I don't have an iMac.

Level 4

@Lord_Tuttle you can cast onto imac with the link the guy above me said