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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
Im new to VR and purchased the Oculus 2 Yesterday. Blown away by even just the setup and demo apps. I want to ise this thing all day! I would love this headset to do all it does and functionality like my Iphone. As in make it able to have weather, make calls, receive texts, check out google earth and maps. Have little notifications while I play games like an incoming text or email... the Menu needs alot of work. Like it isnt simple enough to find something I downloaded. Id love to change how the app icons arrange like a typical phone menu. And have widgets etc. like would love to have my bank account app instead of taking this off and doing it with my phone. Also I dig the lets say Wii esque profile character building stuff. Its just super wonky to have like a different profile and character in these different developers games. Like rec room.... cool idea but i dont want to set up another profile and character avatar. i just want to make one avatar, and name to use in every social or quick fun app. This headset has so much potential to be a replacement for your mobile phone once your at home, and your pc when sitting down to do work.