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Status: New Idea

My name is Domenick Hall and I really think it's a good idea that the company hires third party contract security for the apps that are social on the Oculus store. And what I mean by this is that there are tons of people doing the wrong thing when it comes to talking to children trying to groom them and there's not enough security they'll never be enough. I took the initiative to create my own page called metaverse crime watch which if I see it I reported to you guys right away and I also keep it in my files for future reference. I just really think that would be a great idea to have not only me but similar outside security sources to help with protecting the metaverse one app at a time. I'm able to collect enough Meta Marshalls to work with me I believe we can help even in a small percentage make VR a safer place for everyone. Right now I work alone and I've already called 26 accounts reported them video snapshot of them trying to groom children and talk to them a certain way being way older over the age of 18 and I really think that this will help the manifest in the future.