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Status: New Idea

In having very quickly run out of storage space on a 128GB Quest incredibly fast, and been forced to decide what I can keep on and what not (incredibly annoying), and given the size of most VR media...


Maybe the question should be: How can you have 4TB of space in the Quest 3 (for a reasonable price)?


I wonder if Meta can use the same idea that is used in a lot of laptops:


Fast expensive storage + Slower cheaper storage


Are there storage options that are slower but cheaper that could somehow be integrated into the quest? Maybe if you also considered the space in the strap?


Of course, better access to external / network storage is a more natural option, but I think maximizing storage within the headset is also worth thinking about... And not in a $100 for an extra 128GB way.



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I always think they should just make the storage bigger and the same for all headsets. Surly if people have more space then they can buy more games and spend more money.

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Although you have to wonder how much space is really enough. Like 1TB might last a while. But fast storage is usually expensive, so that'd likely drive up the headset price.


The economics of how much you can subsidize the headsets also depends on just how many games the average person buys and what Meta's cut of that is... As well as what profit margin Meta is willing to tolerate in the short term.


I mainly just want them to see if there are creative ways to increase storage or the experience of storage.


Better support for external drives would work as well. It's easy enough to plug in a 256GB USB - and switch it out for other ones. It's also easy enough to keep a 4TB drive in your pocket - although that would make things difficult if games were actually installed on it and it lost connection.


So it'd be better to be able to sync with external hardware and load / off-load stuff... In a way that only takes a couple of clicks.