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Status: New Idea

This isn't a very well thought out idea, but I wonder if the idea of a trial can be implemented in a more natural way without you having to formally return games.


For example, let's assume that a game's price is $20.


1. You download it for free.

2. You aren't charged anything for the first hour of play (for any given user of the Quest - like your kids).

3. After the first hour of play, you are charged 10% of the price of the game for the next 10 hours of play - so at 2 hours of play, you'd have paid $2, and at 3 hours of play, you'd have paid $4.

4. And then after 11 paid hours, it'd stop charging more once you've paid the full $20.


You'd have to keep such a concept simple, and maybe make it opt-in for the game publisher as well, but ...


I think this would improve user experience, as well as maybe lead to publishers making more money depending on how engaging their games are.