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Level 4
Status: Started
I wish we had more guardian options, e.g. opacity level, only the line/border on the floor (without the surrounding grid), distance threshold/tolerance settings for grid/border activation and a radius setting for the stationary circle (its a little bit too narrow by default). My play space is big enough to move a few steps in every direction, but when swinging in beat saber or point my arms forward in space pirate Trainer the guardian comes up to eagerly. Thanks for consideration! You guys rock btw 🙂
Level 4
I would also like the Rift option to just show the floor outline. Standing in on place, playing Beat Saber or Box VR I constantly get the wall popping into my vision even though I know that am nowhere close to punching or tripping on anything.
Level 2
Heck, I also wouldn’t mind the option to draw half height walls. For when there’s an object in your space you don’t want to run into, like a couch or table, but that you’re perfectly okay reaching over or moving your arms above. Something simple like hold the grip button while drawing the guardian to draw half height walls that won’t trigger on hand position but only head position.
Level 3
Additionally, I would like the first screen that says "Confirm Guardian" to also include some kind of "Seated mode" option that turns off the guardian.
Level 2
Also wish we could just turn it off without going into dev mode. If im just playing a seated game i dont want it popping up every two seconds.
Level 2
Seated mode without the guardian grid, please!
Level 2
I think if the standing and seated mode circumference was even another 2 - 3 feet that would help.
Level 2
definitely too eager in situations where there is no risk of going out of bounds, and very distracting
Level 2
Came here to submit a suggestion for adjusting the visibility distance threshold, as it is visible constantly in Beat Saber, but you've got that covered and more! These are great QoL suggestions.
Level 2
Yes please Oculus give us this! Not to bring up another VR company, but the Vive has these options and I have absolutely no issues with either punching walls or the guardian showing up too frequently. I've used my playspace for over a year and I know it well, I don't need this level of hand holding, it really sucks you out of experiences, especially something like Vader.
Level 4
I'm kind of surprised this didn't have the same settings as the Rift guardian system from the start.