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Level 4
Status: Started
I wish we had more guardian options, e.g. opacity level, only the line/border on the floor (without the surrounding grid), distance threshold/tolerance settings for grid/border activation and a radius setting for the stationary circle (its a little bit too narrow by default). My play space is big enough to move a few steps in every direction, but when swinging in beat saber or point my arms forward in space pirate Trainer the guardian comes up to eagerly. Thanks for consideration! You guys rock btw πŸ™‚
Level 3
Please also add a sitting mode. With Oculus Link you can not play steated games in steam like "Witching Tower", "Twighlight Path", "The Talos Principle" and "Transpose" for example. It is not possible to play it on a chair. I hate standing for hours.
Level 2
I'm supporting this Idea. I hate, that the guardian system is so stupid in the Quest. Why can't i just remove the guardian walls like in the oculus rift?, it was so good back then. Please change this Oculus.
Level 3
It would be great when drawing the guardian bounds you could subtract areas as well. At the moment you can only add more boundary area when you draw it in. Maybe if you go over the same area it subtracts that part? or when holding in the side trigger it turns into an eraser to subtract?
Not applicable
Please add an always visible center marker. In Steam VR, the center marker is always on for me and I miss it painfully when I work with my Quest.
Level 3
on my htc vive i have the guardian grid visible at all times, but only on the floor. that actually works well enough and doesnt interrupt gameplay. id love to be able to do this on my quest as well... the walls only appear when im right in front of them, when its sometimes too late to slow down and i hit the wall anyways. and if i set the guardian wall up further away from the wall, then my playspace becomes tiny and the guardian keeps popping into view even though i actually have enough space... annoying...
Level 2
Seems to be only since the recent update but I can't get rid of the stationary guardian floor circle when sitting. This gets in the way when viewing media. Also the stationary boundary seems much smaller. I've figured that I can switch off altogether but my controllers then lose their spatial calibration and position sensing. Why can't we have the option to switch off the stationary floor boundary when seated?
Level 2
I want to be able to turn off the guardian for a stationary scale when IΓ’€™m sitting down and know I wonΓ’€™t hit anything, but keep it on for roomscale when IΓ’€™m standing up. I want the ceiling to be identified. I want to be able to identify the area over a table as space that I can swing.
Level 2
25 x 25 is not nearly enough. I have a 50 x 60 space I can use ! While I understand it is possible to turn off guardian, I don't want to go that route if possible. If there is a way to expand beyond the 25 x 25 (even experimental where you have to agree to a waiver) I'd be willing to test it out!
Level 3
The problem with 25x25 ft is that you can't use it's full potential because the 25x25 grid (to draw the guardian on) is randomly rotated. even if you have a 10x10m space available you always loose the corners. Please let us change the orientation of the floor grid OR point it to forward direction on reset, Thx!
Level 2
I would like to see a pass through view through the hand controller circles when the hand controller breaches the guardian boundary. this would allow you to peek out to the room through these tunnels, currently the pass through only displays if your headset fully breaches the boundary and you also lose your view of the game space. related to that, when outside the guardian space perhaps a semi transparent reverse view of the space could be displayed on the outside of the guardian walls?