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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
When you watch a horror movie, you watch it with a friend. So naturally, the best VR horror experience is one where you and a friend are in the same world together screaming for your lives. That’s what we need! A game like Phasmophobia on the Quest 2 platform is an absolute must. I’ve got friends dying for something like this, so please work on releasing Phasmophobia on the Quest 2 platform or create a ghost/haunting co-op game that we can get on the quest. Thank you!
Level 2
AMEN! Been waiting for this foreverrrrr! I hope Oculus reads this and takes action!
Level 2
I completely agree! I have been wanting this exact type of game for a long time. Thank you for voicing this and standing up for this community!!!! You are the voice of the people!!!!!