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Level 2
Status: New Idea

This was a great game that had a few issues, which were:

The game would freeze sometimes.
The throwing mechanics would sometimes throw somewhere you didn't intend.
The running backs and receivers would often run very odd paths after getting the ball, essentially losing yardage by running back towards the line of scrimmage.
Getting your audible to settle on what you wanted was a bit sensitive, and it might roll to the next thing and if you tried to engage again, the trigger would make the ball snap.

There were also things that I'd like, just to make the game more enjoyable:


We should get to run as the running back and receiver, once they have the ball.

We should get to call defenses, if we're not simming to our next possession.
We should get to make the call on 4th down.

However, since the last update, the game is unplayable, or at least, unenjoyable.

The sim defense is non-existent if you sim through to your next possession.  The opposing team scores every time.  The only way to win is to score on every possession, have no turn overs and hope you have the last possession.

You also lose the ability to review your last drive, to look at defenses used by the opposing team.  That was always enlightening and now it's gone.




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I agree.  I feel like right now is so vanilla,  bare bones to get something out.  The ceiling right now on how great this game can be? Just scratching the surface.  I would love to see the following:

- being able to run the ball as the RB because all he does is miss holes and run into traffic. 

- call the defensive plays.  Take the game from being just a throwing game,  to more of a HC game. 

- have more control over the offensive play calling,  cause it sucks. 

This game is new,  so we have to deal with that.  But the possibilities are endless.  Like,  how about a "Legacy" option where you get to play the actual moments of the greatest games ever? Seriously,  sooooooooooooo much potential.  As a sports gaming guru, would love to give ideas.  Hit me up 😀