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Level 2
Status: New Idea

For a class project, my group and I are hypothetically creating a new technological product and need to research customer insights. Our product is an extension of the Oculus Virtual Reality headset device. We will be creating sensory gloves that allow the user to feel the virtual world they are seeing. This new level of interaction will increase the realness of virtual reality experiences and has many useful functions for consumers. One customer segment we are targeting is avid gamers. These fans can interact in deeper ways with their favorite games by being able to feel and touch objects in the games they are accustomed to just seeing.

  1. If purchased, could you still see yourself using this product in a year?

  2. Would this product make or influence you to buy a Virtual Reality headset?

  3. Would you enjoy having a more enhanced gaming experience?

  4. What do you expect to gain from this product?

  5. What might improve your experience using the product?

  6. What would be the hardest part about using this product?

  7. How much are you willing to pay for this product?

  8. Do you want more realistic or immersive games?

9. Would you rather rent or buy this product?

10. Do you think this product would influence new/beginner gamers to be more involved in playing video games?