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Level 2
Status: Completed
It would be nice to be able to toggle Passthrough on-demand like you can with the Rift S to be able to quickly see the world around you without having to pull the headset off of your face.
Level 3
Please add this soon, I think it would be a great way to give someone a try in VR for the first time. Activate passthrough, let them see the controllers then press a button and bam they are in VR!
Level 2
This feature would be so helpful. And for many safety reasons its a great idea. Please add!!
Level 2
plees add me want more roux in rblx vr plees me want to see myt compuer to plae roblox and get mor roux. On a serious note im suprised why this feature isn't in right now, please add it.
Level 3
Yes, this is needed. Also a way to watch movie apps and non movement based apps without having lights on.
Level 2
I was surprised that this feature wasn't there from the start. It's such an obvious one especially for a device that allows for more mobility than a tethered HMD.
Level 2
Oculus, please add this feature. We would like an on Demand passthrough button like the Rift S. Thank you John Carmack and team!
Level 2
100% agreed. I was thinking pressing all four A+B+X+Y at the same time would activate "emergency passthrough"
Level 3
There are so many possibilities that could be realized if this was allowed in app. Being able to measure furniture and stuff INSIDE the Quest would make this product killer in the non-gaming market as well! I already have a project set up for when this feature gets implemented.
Level 3
I'd also really like API hooks for accessing the stereo images from the passthrough cameras inside applications.
Level 2
Let me triple click the triple line button, and one press to go back. No pop up hud talking about the guardian or anything.