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Level 2
Status: Completed
It would be nice to be able to toggle Passthrough on-demand like you can with the Rift S to be able to quickly see the world around you without having to pull the headset off of your face.
Level 5
If you want to create a consistent ecosystem you should unify things like this
Level 2
Yes, even though I have no idea where to put the button for that
Level 2
Additional to this but related. It would be great to have pass-through theatre mode while web browsing or watching movies. The Quest seems to have quite a lot of potential to provide a kind of pesudo-AR.
Level 3
I was disappointed this wasn't an option within the home button settings. Double-click to initiate pass-through?
Level 2
Please add this! Would be so helpful to quickly move around or talk to someone.
Level 3
Kind of strange this is not a thing yet. It would be really useful.
Level 2
Would be extremely useful, definitely! And a significant safety enhancement as well.
Level 2
Regardless of any features that passthrough might be good for, like scanning the environment, I just want to see what I'm looking at in the real world and position myself in my room without having to take off the headset. Doesn't really make any sense why the Rift S supports this feature but the Quest doesn't.
Level 2
Yes please! This is a great public safety feature! Please and thank you!!
Level 2
I thought this would be in there day 1 and looked everywhere for it, please add it.