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Status: New Idea

There's a big issue, Oculus Rift's Are Dying to a absurd cause; no cable replacement's 


Now a solution to this would be producing the cable, but let's be honest meta is not gonna do that 

So the next best thing would be pressuring Spectra7 to release their Chip Scematics for the chips used in the cable and pressuring Meta/Oculus into releasing the connector and cable design's because let's be honest you are not gonna use this cable anymore. 


If you are not gonna use these designs anymore and refuse to make cable replacements because you're to **bleep** busy making people but your Quest 2 which is gonna plummet in sales anyways because it's not worth 400 bucks. 


In short, Meta, Oculus whatever they are called want to be the future but they are stuck in the past and refuse to deliver replacement parts, The Rift is not dead it's artificially being made dead by not giving replacement parts. 
I Think it's a good law in general; Releasing patents and or designs if support for a product has ended.


Oculus only exists because of the people, now you're burning those people on a huge fire. It's a real shame that in all of those data leaks your cable designs didn't leak.


A Rift user.