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Level 3
Status: New Idea

I appreciate the fine work that has gone into system updates but the one that has frustrated myself and many other quest owners why is there virtually  no file/app management.

the default view is everything that has ever been installed on the system ever.. this is madness. Yes you can change to installed / uninstalled but it always defaults back to everything ever. Why can’t we at least change the default? 
you can’t sort app by type or genre so you either scroll through by date used or you remember all your app and titles and find alphabetically, this is madness. 
why can’t we organise our own apps into groups? No other device would not let you do that. 
why can’t you permanently hide things you don’t want to see e.g demos or app lab content you don’t like? 

A fantastic device but these are fundamental  user experience issues that can be forgiven at launch but not 3+ years down the line.