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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
My son's right touch controller is busted and needs to be replaced! I've been trying to find one to purchase with no outcome. He now has an Oculus Quest that he can't play!!! I don't understand why the controllers aren't available to purchase!!!!!!!
Level 2
My left controller doesn't, Oculus tells me they cant help because warranty is up. This is completely unacceptable. I've spent 500 dollars on the quest. I've spent money on games for the quest. Now I'm being punished for buying a product less than a year old that's being marked as obsolete.
Level 3
Placed both controllers and headset into offical oculus quest carry case. NO damage at all prior, left over night, wake up in the morning and left ring has a ***** in it and is warped.
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My right controller is clearly on its way out, but it's still functional. My friend's using it atm, and I worry that the next time she punches a wall, that'll be the end of my Quest. Considering how fragile and recent this hardware is, it's irresponsible to not offer a way to fix my soon-to-be broken $400 product (from 2018!) Don't let eBay take this over. Those with excess Touch controllers WILL take advantage.
Level 2
Either the Quest 2 controllers need to be made backwards compatable or the Quest 1 controllers need to be continued to be produced till at minimum one year past the last manufacture/sale date of the Quest 1. My headset is under a year old, What if the controller breaks? You going to replace the entire thing since I will be unable to use it?
Level 3
I've been searching for weeks for a replacement left controller on the website. I contacted support twice and was told to "keep checking our website". There's no "Notify me" option either. This is absolutely horrible since I can not play most games without that second controller. Even Facebook's Horizons which I was hoping would support hand controls does not!
Level 2
No reason to not produce more controllers when the majority of units sold were during quarantine (including me). While my controllers are still working, I don't want to be in the position of having to search for some $200 used replacement (as seen on ebay). Won't be buying a Quest 2 either if that's the case.
Level 2
Either keep producing replacement controllers or at the very least update the Quest 1 to allow it to use the Quest 2 controllers.
Level 2
Considering my right controller died on my Quest 1 after 4 months of use (would turn on and not track anymore) and that my brand new Quest 2 left controller just outright died after 2 months (not turning on after trying all imaginable things) this is a scary prospect to say the least! To be very clear, in both instances the controllers sustained absolutely no damage - didn`t hit dropped them in any fashion and no cracks or visible signs of damage. I suspect loose components disconnecting or sweat related damage which in any case is unacceptable. Currently going through the support dance for a 2nd time and it`s equally atrocious (support is very courteous, the process is absolutely mind numbingly ineffective). Controllers for Q1 are impossible to buy and for Q2 are mostly out of stock or over 100$ each... and that's while they are actually in production. I'm guessing we can expect Q3 to kill Q2 within a year and run into the same issue again..
Level 3
i will sell you my brand new oculus quest 2 controller as my headset died after first 3 uses. if interested in controllers i will sell mine for 80$ for the pair if anyone needs one email me at
Level 2
Replacement controllers seem to be in stock on the Oculus website for both the Quest 1 and 2