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My child sneaks out at night and plays the Oculus until the sun rises, I don’t want to have a pass code on every single app so I have to unlock it every time he wants to play. When I go to work, he plays for 8+ hours. This is unacceptable.

There needs to be a time limit for the oculus, where he can only play for a certain amount of time a day.


There needs to be a bedtime set at a certain hours the oculus locks video games. 

META needs an easier way of getting my child off the Oculus without ripping it off of his face. A simple, kill switch to pause or kill whatever app he’s currently using or block. The oculus remotely needs to be implemented.  


And there should be an easier way to block pornographic footage from the web browser besides blocking my email address from saying it because now I can’t see it… 


Nintendo switch has an amazing application. That’s super simple and I hope Facebook/Meta/oculus builds one ASAP. 

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Level 2

Research shows that ANY user should take a break from VR, or screens in general, at least once every hour, for about 15 minutes. Oculus pressers spin a good yarn about "only implementing parental controls appropriate for teens", but teens are still prone to staying up all night and binging in activities they shouldn't indulge in like so.


Bedtimes and (forced)break-times are not an optional feature for any company that makes even the slightest not to Parental Controls or Digital Health and Well-being - even on my own phone I can set app time limits and reminders to take a break.