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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
The ability to disable mirror mode so that what is shown in VR is not shown on your monitors. This could be a child privacy lock to prevent children in the room seeing graphic game content.
Level 5
While this is an understandable request, I think mirror windows are controlled by the games themselves so there wouldn't be an easy way for Oculus to override them. Better to ask the game developer for the option.
Level 3
sorry I am talking about oculus's room, with the new dash board etc. Not in a game.
Level 4
You could just turn the screen off when you're playing. ^_^ Mirror mode is done on a per-app basis... currently, Oculus Dash/Home don't mirror unless you manually launch the mirror developer tool. So if you're talking about "oculus's room" then I'm not sure what mirroring you're referring to as others on here have requested that mirroring be added since it's already missing.