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Level 2
Status: Completed
Remove Mandatory Facebook login in order to accept friend requests and use the Oculus app. I have never had Facebook nor do i want it. I just want to play vr. I don’t want to have to have facebook to enjoy my 500$ Virtual Reality Headset with my friends.
Level 2
I also disagree with Isaac C. This would be like Facebook buying out all the grocery stores in your town, then telling you that you can no longer shop at any of them without signing up for a Facebook account. Would their ownership of all the grocery stores make their account enforcement okay? As far as I'm aware, there is no other wireless VR headset on the market right now and there won't be anytime soon. This is because Facebook is selling the Oculus 2 for a price that is far cheaper than what anybody else could make something similar for. How is this possible? Because they're banking on everybody using their Facebook accounts with the Oculus devices. That's where they really make their money, not on what they are selling the headsets for. Please don't just say "learn to deal with it". That essentially means we should all just lay down and let anybody and everybody (including Facebook and big tech) just run over us. Is that really what you believe? When do we all decide to finally take a stand? On a more positive note, look around online a bit about jail-breaking the Oculus 2 in order to remove the Facebook requirement. Nothing is available yet, but there has been some good progress in this area.
Level 1
Do not require facebook in order to login. The merge feature doesn't work properly.
Level 3
Level 2
****..... hurry up and remove your garbage *** facebook login so I'll go buy one of these things. I played some games on a first gen rift and wanted to buy one of these. But I don't think I will now. I don't even have a facebook account. Simply because I don't want one.
Level 1
No one want to be forced to be connected
Level 1
Forcing people to merge their account with facebook is so stupid. Not everyone wants facebook, it's a website known for selling people data without their permission, and it's stupid that if you break a facebook rule every single ******* game you paid for gets deleted. Y'all are just glorified scammers. Why do you even need to merge them? There is no legitimate reason to do so. Merging accounts is the reason why most people avoid buying on the oculus store. I wouldn't buy on the oculus store but unfortunately it's the only way I can play games given how terrible my computer is.
Level 8
I don't mind mandatory Facebook login, but I do mind Fb bricking Quest 2 by banning user's Fb account (from what I hear it can happen to anyone, especially for those who never created account with Fb in the past or who had account, abandoned it ages ago and created a new one for VR).
Level 2
Level 1
Stop requiring Facebook logins. Start refunding people who bought software and hardware which will become inaccessible or inoperable if they don't want to participate in the morass of drama that is Facebook.
Level 3