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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
You cannot discover you've been "had" within the 2 hour period with this game. It has just enough content and confusion up-front that you won't actually get to see what's going on before that 2 hours is gone. This game is maybe 10% complete. It has no business being on the store as is. Its PCVR counterpart is years ahead and you could probably call it complete enough. It's also free (with the caveat that you don't get a personal server included as you do with the Quest game). The game has NO tech-support whatsoever. Currently they have a discord where "volunteers" (fans) are moderators and support. This is scammy in the best of situations but when you have an in-game cash shop you MUST have support. The cash shop has driven their revenue up until now. I don't think these developers had any idea of the number of sales this game would generate via the store. There is no documentation or guides on how to play from the developers either in-game or out and it's not a self-evident game in the slightest. You can get lucky in their discord and get an answer from a random user or you might never get one - especially regarding gamestopping bugs or lost money in the cash shop. Oculus is enabling a scam here. This is marketed as a finished game and it's anything but. I wouldn't normally bother to comment like this but my wife has been waiting a long time for a game like this in Quest VR and when it "appeared" to arrive she jumped in because it looked legit and, hey, it's on the official Oculus store right? The PCVR version of this game is ok (like most VR games it has a lot of bugs to iron out) but the Quest game is a joke in comparison. I don't even know how you're supposed to do certain things in the game because when you look at the PC version you need access to certain areas in the world which simply aren't even present in the Quest version. The Quest version is like a buggy demo. At best. Coupled with zero tech support for a game with a hefty cash-shop this fits my definition of a scam. Get it off the store and put it in app-lab with a fitting description. For the record.. my wife is playing the PCVR game now because.. well.. it works and the other one doesn't and we cannot get a refund on the scam version. It's a cheap game but it's the principle here. This thing outsold Beat Saber for the month. They've made a handy little pocketful for a team of 10 or so people that don't communicate with their userbase. Edit: My wife and I just looked at the Oculus store page and she has told me that the video is likely all PCVR footage by appearance. Also, there are areas in the video that simply are not in the Quest game. That is the very definition of false advertising. Hello Oculus?
Level 2
Agree they show the "Main Forest" only on PC Version in the QUEST Video
Level 2
I’m just another quest owner but I profoundly disagree with your assessment of township tale. It is not a scam and is one of the best games on the quest.
Level 2
I feel your post is negative due to your lack of research on a game before buying along with possibly using commands to cheat your through the game. If you didn't good for you. Posting only your view of the game is a terrible way to show anyone anything. I don't know where you got your info from about zero tech support. I have had contacted the devs a few times and they have responded back. It seems you had an experience that affected only you. You made a comment about the discord, you should have found quite a bit of help there. All you had to do is ask. Have A Great Day.