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Status: New Idea

So this is more of an idea I had while I was very engrossed playing the recent Resident Evil 4 VR title for the Quest 2. 

Because Armature handled RE4 so incredibly well I have the strong feeling that they should try to re-imagine other more scary RE titles. Preferably the first one due to the fact you'll be trapped in a huge manor in the middle of a massive forest and a lab underneath it all full of stuff that wants to eat you. Lol You have extremely limited ammo and resources. The biggest challenge for Armature with this title would be transitioning the game from it's original fixed camera gameplay perspective to a horrifyingly perfect VR version. I KNOW they can do it. And they should. 😏 RE4 VR. Is perfect. And so will any other Resident Evil game touched by that studio for the Meta Quest 2. Please grant our wish. Lol 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏