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Status: New Idea

I have 5 headsets.

I understand I can only turn on sharing apps per second headset.  So mine and one of my kids. When I need to switch turn it on for another headset I have to get on the headset its currently turned on and switch it.

One of my kids only visits ever other weekend. If I forget to turn it off on his headset I have to wait forever before I can get it turned off.  I wish there was a way to manage this on any headset that has my account as a primary. I could chose one of my headset to have it on and it would turn it off on any others. I think there is a website where this can be done but that is a pain. So simply on my account when I go to accounts list all of my headsets I have registered and let me choose which one has sharing apps turned on.


Also when I see the list of my headsets on the oculus app on my phone they are all listed by serial numbers I have no idea which one is which.  I wish there was a way to give them a nick name.