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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Please add software ipd adjust on top of the hardware solution to improve quality (stereo effect and chromatic aberration) for people that fall in between or slightly out of the 58/63/68mm of the hardware iPd adjustment. This way we would get a good enough hybrid of quest 1 and rift s in terms of adjustment :) Sadly there isn’t a quest 2 page on here yet, so I hope that this idea still finds a few people that vote on it 🙂
Level 3
I have an IPD of 66 and have to put it in-between, but that makes things even worse so I had to settle with the 68 setting. Been able to see clearly in DK2, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 1.. I love Quest 2 but I want to be able to see a little better please.
Level 2
Software adjust for IPD on Quest 2 please, mine is 72. 68 as a max isn't enough and ruins what would otherwise be an enhanced experience compared top the Quest 1.
Level 2
IPD of 75 here. Wish there was a way to adjust beyond the 68mm. For the amount of money these go for it doesn't seem like it would be very difficult to add a couple extra adjustments.
Level 2
My IPD is a flat 60.0, which is sadly smack in the middle of the 1 and 2 settings, and that tends to cause a bit of discomfort. I’d love a software setting that could let me offset the existing “notches” by a couple of mm 🙂
Level 7
My IPD is 60.5 and at position 2 I get bad eyestrain and feel nausea after a while. I've owned many VR headsets and haven't felt discomfort like this since the DK1. Placing the lenses between positions 1 & 2 helps, but they don't stay there. I want to be able to put the lenses in position 2 and set the IPD via software to 60.5.
Level 4
For me, setting #3 is NOT enough!! I need #3.5 or #4.............😭😭😭 Not to mention, the FOV is very small too!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 I swear you made these for kids, with small heads!! What were you thinking????????? Pfff, you made them smaller.... WHY, so nobody can use them?? Congrats, you made a paperweight product!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 You need to replace ours with bigger ones, and a better IPD adjustment. And do it FREE OF CHARGE. My head and eyes hurt like **** because of you!
Level 2
i think you should get sued for discrimination. You HAVE to provide a fix for this. Even if not perfect, IPD settings should at least show that you care about your customers!
Level 3
My IPD is 71, I can see the center fine, everything else is blurry. I'm still within the window where I can return my quest 2. Has anyone heard anything in regards to a software extended IPD update? If not it has to go back. It sucks that an overall fantastic product is ruined by limiting IPD settings. It's definitely a swing and a miss.
Level 2
Agreed a software adjustment would help a lot, it's usable for me but never feels quite right. All the people with IPDs that are in between the fixed settings (like me 65-66mm) will have issues with Quest 2.
Level 2
Just one easy slider in the settings, that's all we're asking for. Thank you.