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Status: New Idea

As clever as "polishing polygons" and the similar messages that Oculus thinks they are, they are not.

They just break the continuity of being in a 3D space. Same with those pastel bars raining down when

the new location is loaded in Horizons. I guess that it's supposed to be some transporter effect,

but it's just jarring, makes the brain do extra work for nothing, and wastes transition time.


We have to get away from dropping into "loading.....please wait..........." modes. This isn't a PC.

The real world doesn't suddenly turn into a blue gradient with a progress bar whenever

you enter a new room. Stop it. 


Please consolidate the system status and progress messages into a settable lower corner.

Publish a standard and provide an API and graphic resources for all of these transitional

modes and status messages so all developers start using them. 


Provide a consistent set of icons instead of text messages. It'll save everyone the trouble of translating

text messages into other languages and gives consistency across the user community.

As clever as the text messages may seem, they aren't so clever after the 100th plus time seeing them.


Devise a way to at least hold on to the visual impression of where you are vs. where you're going.

Even something as simple as a freeze frame with a blur, transitioning into the new scene, with a

soft, non-jarring transition. Always impart user-controlled motion to it to keep the pixels alive so the user

doesn't feel disconnected and frozen. It'll take some CPU cycles, but it's worth it.

Though it's old now, look at how Half Life 2 handled transitions between areas with a blurred image.

The user has to always feel like they're inside a unified world, not just watching a presentation.


Going solid black or blue, "loading, please wait" modal lock ups, and all excess verbiage has to go.

Meta needs to establish, publish, and encourage consistent standards for seamless transitions

between all worlds and environments.


If this is the next, lasting phase of computer interaction for years to come,

Meta needs to drop the old paradigms of PCs, web browsers, and phones.

Otherwise, it's just an iPhone or PC stuck to your face, running some app.