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Level 3
Status: New Idea

I would like to see gifting option built as an option for add-on packs.   like example i tried to gift a music pack from beat saber to my daughter.  
I messaged I.T. helpdesk support.  There is no option to gift add-on packs once an app has been purchased.  The person that you gift the app to can purchase the music packs only.

Being that my daughter is 12, i am ABSOLUTELY NOT putting my credit card on her account.

Since this was not an option I then asked if they had Occulus gifts cards.  Unfortunately this is also not an option.

I then asked if there was way to put money on her Occulus account and this too is not an option.

Occulus please build the gift option for add-on packs.  I like gifting to friends and family.  This would not only benefit us purchasing the item and we can enjoy Occulus more.  But also it would benefit you and revenue coming in.


Thank you

I.T helpdesk ticket # 4790058