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Status: New Idea

We recently saw eye and facetracking getting support through Oculus Link and Air Link... but it was only by using proprietary Quest Pro specific OpenXR extensions. That means each and every developer then needs to add support for this, instead of Meta supporting the already existing OpenXR standards.

That means while we already have 10+ games that support eye tracking foveated rendering, the Quest Pro wont support that. Microsoft Flight Simulator... no eye tracking support there either. VRChat... again, no eye tracking or facetracking support. Unless each of these implement their own support for the Oculus specific extensions for something that is already implemented as a standard in OpenXR.

Why claim to support OpenXR to pull such a move? It makes no sense unless its some annoying attempt at taking control of the market by fragmenting it and hoping to win more users by it in the long run. I very much hope the current implementatioin is just a stepping stone towards implementing the OpenXR standards, sticking to the promises they already made to support OpenXR.

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Agree 100%

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