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Status: New Idea

I bought the Quest 1 and I researched before buying it and the Quest 2 was reported to be in early development but won't likely be available for another 5 years, so I bought the Quest 1, then suddenly the Quest 2 came out less than a year later, had I known this, I would had waited for the Quest 2, especially being half the price what I paid for the Quest 1. So yeah, it would be nice to get a free Quest 2 for trading in the Quest 1, along with being refunded the difference...and they could recycle and reuse the Quest 1 materials, etc...if Pimax can let people buy a currently available vr headset and then trade it in for a full refund towards the new 12k vr headsets when they are eventually available, there is no reason Meta can't offer a full cost/no loss/full refund/trade-in/upgrade plan as well, with their likely significantly greater wealth over the merely small startup company Pimax...the only reason they won't offer this, is good old-fashioned greed, as long as they continue to make money why give a cent back to the loyal customers? Have to admire what Pimax is doing for their loyal customers, if only Meta would have the decency to do the same with their near infinite wealth--which we all helped them acquire, so yeah Meta, how about a generous thank you like Pimax offers? Meanwhile I'm left debating whether to finally upgrade to a Quest 2 or wait for the new Cambria/Quest 2 Pro which is supposed to come out this year or wait for next year's Quest 3 or just stick with the Quest 1 and don't bother upgrading at all...or get a Pimax--ahem, are you reading this executives of Meta, this is an ultimatum, offer the full cost/no loss/full refund/trade-in/upgrade plan or you will lose a customer to Pimax, I'll give you until the new 12k Pimax is available, if you initiate a full cost/no loss/full refund/ trade-in/upgrade plan before the new 12k Pimax is available, I'll stick with the Meta brand and upgrade to either the Quest 2 (with a fully refunded difference) or the Cambria/Quest 2 Pro--if it's been released by then (with the full price I paid for the Quest 1 subtracted, just like Pimax is offering).