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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
How come we cant set up 2 devices on one account??? Bought second quest to play against wife. Makes no sense to buy games twice so that we can play together in the same house
Level 3
I would like to not pay for my games as well... There lies the issue. People will ‘Netflix’ the system and everyone gets free content. Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, do not allow this, if I’m not mistaken.
Level 3
It their way of gouging their customers. They make the prices on the games pretty reasonable and then make us buy them more than once.
Level 3
I can imagine it would be possible on the same WiFi to sahre your accout with other device.
Level 3
Clayton Monsterr , Nintendo does allow this. But the console must be on and connected to the internet. You can't play with each other