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Level 2
Status: New Idea

hear me out.  Someone needs to make a controller that’s in the shape of an AR15, for example.  Connects to your Oculus via Bluetooth and is also a game it self, instead of an app or a disc, the game is the gun.  The game is infused with a Pokémon GO like platform.  So when you walk around and shoot zombies, it’s in your own house and the zombies come through your actual windows.  Very big concept but come on it’s 2021, someone please take this idea and make it become a million dollar thing lol  VR COD Zombies using your own house for the map.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Alexhamp15! We love hearing feedback from the community on what experiences would work great on Quest 2. There actually is a controller like the one you're describing. You can check it out HERE. We hope to see this kind of game someday as well!