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VR is fun, new and exciting, and it is important that we educate the next generation of coders on how VR works and how VR is created. Currently, VR at the high school level is non-existent in most schools, because the teachers teaching STEM type classes don't know VR themselves. If Oculus created a easy-to-use, plug-and-play VR curriculum for schools, then teachers and schools would only have to purchase the equipment and the "free curriculum" would be there for them to use with the students. I teach CAD, CAM & Robotics in one of the largest K12 Engineering programs in the state of Colorado. We have 500+ students each year taking our Engineering & CompSci classes. Imagine if all of these students could also have VR exposure! If Oculus puts together a curriculum, we would love to be the pilot school to test it out!