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Level 2
Status: New Idea

A network or service is a collection of user accounts united by the desire to meet, chat, go on a date in virtual locations that allow you to relax, isolate yourself or visit places on the topic of common interests.


The user creates an account with the formation of a virtual avatar, close to reality. There is a 3d scanning technology for creating plastic models in the shape of the original. You can enter verification at this point - for similarity (by parameters approx. height, skin color, hair, etc.) to avoid misleading other users. For an additional fee, tuning with an indication that the avatar has been changed.

Next, the compilation of a questionnaire on the interests of the user and his requests. Selection of candidates.

Based on mutual interests, you can choose the venue of the meeting, entourage, accompanying sounds, off-screen consultation of a psychologist, pick-up, consultants