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Level 3
Status: Declined
Remove the ban for Virtual Desktops steam VR WiFi support ! This feature is the best feature since the launch of the Quest and WE WANT IT !
Level 2
If you aren't going to allow SteamVR streaming, at least allow streaming content for the Rift from the official Oculus store.
Level 2
This is used by our Enterprise customer and they love it. I really hope you don’t remove it as it bring so much joy to so many. At least provide some sort of alternative before axeing the current support.
Level 3
On original Rift still. Won't buy another Oculus product at this rate. Stop this anti-consumer behaviour.
Level 2
awesome how you constantly manage to make the exact opposite decision of what all of your customers want. If this was a movie, the critics would hate the antagonists (you) because they are too cliché and two-dimensional. Evil corporation that just forbids everything their fans want? incredible! Someone who is in charge over at your place must be VERY proud of this decision. Nobody else would have thought of such an..... ingenious idea! give that (wo)man a raise! Now coming back to serious topics: How about you ban the swords in Beat Saber? They are pretty phallic and nobody wants to have a ****** experience in VR. Because *** is a bad thing. Unnatural. just like the light sabers. people can still just listen to the music. that would be better... yes.... a world with only two rules: 1. Facebook. 2. No fun. what a dream.
Level 2
I bought a quest but haven't opened it yet and will return it, as i bought it for this reason
Level 2
I don't have a lot of money and i have to decide if i want to buy a Quest or a WMR Headset, i would instantly buy a Quest if i could stream PC games directly to the headset, Please, Please, Please let this feature be or add it officially. I love VR, I Love Oculus products but can afford only one thing, i'm begging you let the stream happen. Sorry for bad English.
Level 2
Very much agreed! Bring it back. I haven't even received my quest yet but have thought about returning it and waiting for the index instead.
Level 2
As a new Rift S owner, I was considering purchasing a quest as well, as I believe in the wireless future of VR. The upcoming SteamVR feature of Virtual Desktop was a big reason I was hopeful I could play some of my favorite games with no limits. I don't like being forced to repurchase my favorite games just for that. The initial cost of the quest barely felt like a barrier for entry considering its potential for immersion, but the eventual recurring cost of repeatedly buying the same games is forcing me to stay away. Please consider reversing your decision as this would be a huge boon for the entire VR community and Virtual Desktop especially.
Level 2
Amazon is my friend for this refund...
Level 2
I’m getting the quest soon, and it seems like the ability to stream VR on virtual desktop only enhances the Quest’s ability, since you get the portability of the Quest’s normal functionality, while still being able to take advantage of a PC’s more powerful processor and preexisting VR libraries when you want.