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Level 3
Status: Declined
Remove the ban for Virtual Desktops steam VR WiFi support ! This feature is the best feature since the launch of the Quest and WE WANT IT !
Level 2
I would love Steam VR so so so much!!! I want to be able to play Games like Subnautica VR on the Quest.
Level 6
Waiting for even better official Oculus streamer.
Level 2
We were so impressed with the Quest, we were thinking of going Quest only. With this action, I'm not sure I'm going to even bother with Oculus now. Brilliant thinking folks.
Level 2
Bring that back please. It is the best solution for streaming and a very huge step forward to the right direction to get VR for the masses.
Level 2
This being possible is what made me pull the trigger and Purchase a Quest. It's a real step backward to limit what it can do. I won't be able to suggest this product to friends as I intended, without it having the ability to do this.
Level 2
Bought a quest just to do this good job Amazon have a no quibble returns policy!
Level 3
Please don’t hinder your product from succeeding more, being able to play steamVr and oculus games makes it a powerful system
Level 2
Was planning on buying a Quest until I read about this. This is so dumb by Oculus... Guess I'm buying a Reverb or Index instead...
Level 3
It would be a greAt idea for you to have something like steam of your own or partner with someone. I don’t feel it would hurt sales for oculus. I think it just gives everyone something else to do like game pass on x box. It wouldn’t slow your sales in the store especially if none of those games were available elsewhere..
Level 2
I was actually looking forward to Oculus Quest and seriously for the first time thinking of buying a headset for my own when I learned about Oculus Quest and the ability to stream SteamVR to it, but if that has been denied... well, there goes my plans to buy Oculus Quest.