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Status: Unspecified
The App on the iPad is just the phone app running half size in portrait mode. For better interaction and streaming enjoyment a proper iPad app would really help.
Level 2
I use my iPad all the time at home, more than my phone, and watching someone play VR on the iPad is way more enjoyable than on my phone's small screen. I have dozens of apps on my phone and this is the only one that isn't universal.
Level 2
I have an iPad that I take with me almost everywhere. I downloaded the Oculus app a full 5 months ahead of launch because I was so excited. However the app just doesn’t work. The ratios are all messed up. Everything is zoomed in, and you can’t even get past the first screen because tou can’t see the buttons or tap on them correctly
Level 5
Yes!! Would be really usefull, iPad would be the perfect "control center" for a VR headset!!!
Level 3
This is needed! Make it native! The orientation on the iPad also always ends up "wrong side up" in portrait mode in respect to the original Ipad foldable case and other "stands". So at the very least add rotationfunctionality to the next release.
Level 2
We really need this!
Level 2
Oculus was purchased for my kids, I don't want it monopolizing my iPhone. Very silly the iPad version doesn't support screen rotation, and that you cannot cast directly to Apple TV running tvOS.