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Status: New Idea

SO the big deal breaker

For me when it comes to the quest 2 is the lack of streamer or pc control with in an app.

let's say I wanted to play and stream VRC I would like to be able to control my obs and play space while being able to see my chat in game.

There is an app on steam call XSOverlay that allows you to control your pc whilst in a game. OVRAdvanced settings allow the user to control ones play space with controller inputs or commands via hotkeys. AKA the ability to control weather a user is prone or standing at a press of a button, allowing more control over ones position great for cuddle puddles or activities that whilst being chair bound.

Now yes the simple solution is to to connect your quest to your pc via cable or airlink but lately that has been very scuff and not user friendly in my experience. So it just became easier to play the quest in stand alone mode or via the app on pc but that means we loose options for the the quality of life features provided by Steams library IN general.

I believe it would be best to have the quest have the ability to bypass the pc app to be able to just link up to steam vr like an index or windows mixed reality. Not all users want to be stuck to a single lesser option when they pay for a pricey device. 

Yes it's nice to have games that can run separately from a pc how ever most expect to be able to use their quest at home tethered to their pc (which in recent updates has just been pure agony to setup or even use) and then use the stand alone while at family or friend gatherings where it is just too complicated to bring a whole pc setup.

If the user is stuck using only the stand alone side of the device then as a content creator the phone app or third party screen casters are just not worth it especially in a live broadcast situation where chat commination is vital and not have the option to see twitch chat or youtube chat or let alone the facebook gaming app is a deal breaker for that demograpic.

I understand that most people are not content creators but usually people pick up quests for their kids ( who might want to get into that media) and for those who are willing to invest in the meta device for their exclusives and for their ease of access. 

However I feel like if we are truly to use the a vr device as a main access point to socialize and possibly work in a virtual environment then you should be able to access all social platforms from your desired device. In this case, the quest is limiting itself and their users to use only their software. Which keep in mind it is impossible to stream to facebook and have the overlay for proper social integration in a meta product let alone on more successful platforms. Most people either will just interact through normal means or through other device and go to the Nexus because the Metaverse is not friendly to its users and just is shooting itself in the foot.



A proper solution to this issue is to create a second pc app dedicated for third party softwares exclusivly or to have a streamer option built into the device. Other standard consoles such as the Sony Playstation and Xbox both have options to be able to stream to different platforms and or conect via capture card to be able to use standard obs on a pc. Enabling the user to use either the chat on thier device or pc. If the Quest was able to connect to steam vr as a plug and play device with out haveing to go through the oculus pc app. Like this example;


turn on quest

go to dashboard 

click "Steam PC Link" 

Select either air link or cable connection 
then the steam app opens and run steam games.



twitch/youtube/obs chat overlay app 

that you can open


and have a screen mirrior app to see monitor one or obs app via a ndi/ obs plugin