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How to Upload Builds to Share Here with the Group

Level 4
Hi there. I had planned on uploading a build today to share, but I am very unclear on how / where to do this. Has anyone done this yet?

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I was just mentioning this yesterday. I believe we need to have the oculus sig files for our phones to run in the builds. Grab your device id from using the adb command tool, then, go to the Oculus developer page and paste that in. If you are using Unity, it says you add this file to your Project/Assets/Plugins/Android/assets/ folder, and then build. 
I am waiting for people to give me either their device ids or sig files so I can let them install my apk to their phones!

My osig file is here:

Let me know how it goes!

Level 4
I am wondering now how useful it is to post a progress build because I already know the list of obvious bugs. I think I will do what Erica did and post a video tour. In the end, we do need to know how to do this. I think I will dig out my notes from Bootcamp because I think I remember seeing slides on how to do this from Chris.