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Post Five - Dandelion Fluff Particle Systems As Navigation

Level 4
In working on the pattern language for navigation in our project we had an unusual element surface. Below is the original inspiration for the dandelion fluff in our project. It is a picture I took in Muir Woods in 2006 that a lot of people responded to as having "magic". So we added dandelion fluff to "Meditation Forest" and it has worked out really well as a visual. It breathes gently and is very engaging. The odd offshoot is that it has developed into a part of the pattern language of our navigation to indicate where something special is happening to entice people to different locations. The above screenshot is from the opening location and you can see the path with lanterns and a waterfall in the other end of the valley where we want people to go. There is another "cloud" of dandelion fluff near the waterfall with another point of interest, the guided meditation spot. This was accidental, but now it has become the way to indicate something interesting is happening here. So beyond the waterfall and the guided meditation spot there is a Koi Pond and other attractions. By adding dandelion fluff clouds in the distance we can now indicate "come hither to find something special".